New paper: MMPI-2-RF substantive scales in a national sample of veterans across four settings

I’m exciting that the second paper coming out of the national database of veteran assessment outcomes has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment. In a 7-year national sample, my colleagues and I examined typical score patterns observed across four common service locations within the VA (individual substance abuse treatment, PTSD clinical team, residential polytrauma, and internal medicine). This paper provides the most curent and up-to-date comparison samples available for the MMPI, strengthening information available to clinicians to frame and consider typical presentations within these service clinics.

Here is the pre-print.

Published by Dr. Ingram's Psychology Research Lab

I'm an assistant professor of counseling psychology at Texas Tech University and an active researcher of psychological assessment, veterans, and treatment engagement. I am also in private practice here in Lubbock Texas.

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