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Lab Research Focus

The lab’s research focuses on: (1) advancing evidence-based assessment and (2) barriers to engagement and retention in mental health services. These areas are generally centered on military and trauma exposed populations.

My research on assessment is process oriented, meaning that I view assessment validity in terms of both a function of correlational and cross-sectional investigations assessing instrument relationship to criterion factors (i.e., where most assessment research falls and that which emphasizes detecting/improving error in scale construction – correlations, latent class analyses, factor analyses) as well as on the procedure of interpretation and application of instruments in training and practice settings (e.g., clinician interpretation, instrument use frequency, and barriers to use). Research on treatment focuses on understanding the process to get individuals into various types of help including both traditionally formal psychotherapy services, but also other supportive services (e.g., self-help).

Current Projects

Lead Graduate StudentResearch Project
NicoleTreatment seeking and symptoms in depressed college students, focused on suicidality and self-harm with the MMPI-2-RF/MMPI-3
SarahValidation of the PICTS validity scales within a correction setting sample
Megan, SarahModeling the HiTop on the PAI in active duty and Veterans
Megan, NicoleEffectiveness of feigning research in remote testing procedures
Becca, NicoleHealth service psychology training practices, particularly in assessment
Keegan, Becca, SarahTrauma symptoms in incarcerated juvenile offenders with the MMPI-A-RF
NicoleMMPI-3’s assessment of eating pathology, and it’s utility in gender, ethnic, and sexual minorities
Megan, BryceMMPI-3 utility in assessing PTSD
KeeganVideo Game interventions feasibility within a correctional setting
These are only a few of the papers and projects currently being examined by graduate students.
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