Prospective Students


Prospective Graduate Students

I plan to interview applicants for Fall 2021 application cycle.

Competitive students will have research experience and an openness and eagerness to learn about ideas and skills related to psychological assessment and psychotherapy process, particularly with respect to service seeking and treatment initiation. A lot of my work is centered on veteran and military samples so interest in those populations is strength. I maintain a very active research lab and those whose interests align with current work would be a good fit in the lab. Regardless of what you hope for your future as a psychologist (Anywhere on the spectrum from full-time clinician to full-time researcher are welcome in the lab), I value the scientist-practitioner model and believe that consistent involvement in research will promote the strongest core competencies for you as a psychologist.

My goal is to provide the support and opportunities for you to develop into the professional role you envision for yourself. I also want you to have fun along the way in graduate school. That’s very important as well – so CHECK OUT this guide I’m putting together on some local favorites in food, outdoors, and coffee. If you have questions about the me, the program, the area, or the lab, feel free to e-mail me.

The lab – home away from home

Prospective Undergraduate Lab members

If you are wanting to to see how research can enrich your understanding of psychology, or if you would like to build skills for graduate school, then lab involvement is the right step for you. In the PATS lab, there are a variety of opportunities for involvement which can be tailored to your research experience and desired level of commitment. My goal as a research mentor is to foster students’ interest and guide them as they navigate college and their career aspirations.

What this typically means is that you will be part of data collection projects. Right now I am running one study on how people fake mental disorders and another on help-seeking behaviors in depression. There are several others as well, including one with Dr. Schmidt on an incarcerated population. Students may be involved in data entry or running participants for those projects, or other ones. Take a look at the type of research being conducted in the lab. If this is of interest to you, fill out THIS APPLICATION. I will contact you to let you know if I will be interviewing you for a position in the lab. As a member of my, lab you will expected to enroll in credits for PSY 4000 (Individual Problems) and be active in lab projects several hours each week.

Lab expectations

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