Projects examining training and competence

In a follow-up to the pilot study in Trainng and Education in Professional Psychology on personality assessment, the lab has launched several related data collection projects focused on the area on training. Our national study on assessment competency is live and recruiting (n ~ 400 as of today) and we hope to conclude data collection over the summer and start our analyses. It’s a great time to promote evidence-based assessment and evidence-based assessment training! The new project expands on many of the themes found in our pilot study across all aspects of assessment (personality, cognitive, neuropsychological, and miscellaneous instruments), as well as examining supervision trends and satisfaction and instrument selection heuristics.

We (Ingram and Schmidt) are also launching an up-to-date study on APPIC and intern selection.  It’s high time that we determine what “fit” is and the types of criteria used in internship sites (not just across the board, as has been done previously; see Ginkel, Davis, & Michael, 2010; Rodolfa et al., 1999) but at specific types of sites (e.g., VA, Medical School, Counseling Center, etc.). Intern applicants have specific interests so it is worth providing them specific information to enable intentional course/application planning. We anticipate data collection starting within the month.


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I'm an assistant professor of counseling psychology at Texas Tech University and an active researcher of psychological assessment, veterans, and treatment engagement. I am also in private practice here in Lubbock Texas.

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