New Paper: MMPI-2-RF correlates in the VA

I’m excited to have another paper in press, this time at the Journal of Personality Assessment. This paper utilizes the same national sample I’ve previously published on to examine service era differences, provide comparison groups for specific treatment clinics, and examine trends in validity scale performance. In my new paper, we provide correlations between theContinue reading “New Paper: MMPI-2-RF correlates in the VA”

Nice Job Brittney!

This year the lab had two papers accepted with Brittney on them. The most recent was accepted into the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology and covered her AACN presentation from this summer on use of the MMPI-2-RF to detect invalid responding in a sample of active duty army. Download the paper HERE. Recap of theContinue reading “Nice Job Brittney!”

Another labtastic Halloween

Another great door decorating year for the lab. We had a lab meeting yesterday and all the undergrads brought their greatest ideas – we settled on the evil laboratory door and it turned out great. There were working on this til 6:30 last night and I love it. Admittedly, the whole department has some awesomeContinue reading “Another labtastic Halloween”

Help seeking in men

The article Brian Cole and I wrote is online now at Psychology of Men and Masculinities. It’s a super cool article that starts to break down the influence of self-stigma and gender role norms to see how they predict different types of help seeking – friends, professionals, self-help, and (of course) avoidance. Check it out! We’reContinue reading “Help seeking in men”

Undergrad lab member in the spotlight

I wanted to take a minute to brag about one of the lab members. Liz was an awesome addition to the lab this semester and I’m glad she joined us. Clearly she stands out to the TTU department as well! Head over to our Instagram (@texastechpsychsciences) to meet Liz Morger a senior #psychologymajor featured forContinue reading “Undergrad lab member in the spotlight”

New paper: Male help-seeking – depression and stigma

I’m thrilled to have the new paper with Dr. Brian Cole accepted to Psychology of Men and Masculinities. We took at a look at help seeking behaviors in men with depressive symptoms to get a better idea of what coping and help seeking looks like, and then at how stigma and gender identity conflict predicts those behaviors.Continue reading “New paper: Male help-seeking – depression and stigma”

My comments on the PTSD guidelines

Division 29 (Psychotherapy) did some great work putting together a special issue critiquing the APA guidelines on the treatment of PTSD. If you haven’t already, check it out here. I read through the articles yesterday and had a ton of reactions. There was some really great work in there. I tweeted a bunch of themContinue reading “My comments on the PTSD guidelines”

New Paper: MMPI-2-RF and Service Era differences

A new paper was just accepted in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings which examines how era of military service influences scores on the MMPI-2-RF for veterans. We used a national sample of assessments conducted in PTSD Clinical Team (PCT) settings around the country and, after controlling for gender because of different rates inContinue reading “New Paper: MMPI-2-RF and Service Era differences”

Upcoming APA Presentation by Brittney Golden

Following up on her presentation at AACN on sensitivity of the MMPI-2-RF over-reporting scales in a military concussion clinic (a project that just got a revise and resubmit as well!), Brittney is presenting on potential test bias and the resulting differential performance observed across the over-reporting scales based on previous meta-analytically identified moderators. This isn’tContinue reading “Upcoming APA Presentation by Brittney Golden”