Determining authorship order (counseling publication project)

Dr. Currin and I finished our analysis of publication trends among academic counseling psychology faculty today and now I’m finishing up the discussion section now.  The irony of writing a paper completely collaboratively and not taking authorship too seriously in academia where publish or perish really struck a cord with both of us. So… weContinue reading “Determining authorship order (counseling publication project)”

Upcoming presentation of research

A new collaborator of mine (Dr. Pat Armistead-Jehle) is presenting some work Brittney Golden and I have been doing with him on the MMPI-2-RF validity scales in the detection of failed performance validity testing at the upcoming American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN) conference. Brittney did a fantastic job as first author on this poster.Continue reading “Upcoming presentation of research”

Post in class debate on mechanisms of change pose

This is one of my favorite days of teaching Theories and Interventions. At the end of the semester, after breaking up sections of specific theories/mechanisms of change (e.g.,  dynamic, cognitive, behavioral, etc.) for the months before, I introduce students to the debate between common and specific factors. After a few days of lecture, I breakContinue reading “Post in class debate on mechanisms of change pose”

Projects examining training and competence

In a follow-up to the pilot study in Trainng and Education in Professional Psychology on personality assessment, the lab has launched several related data collection projects focused on the area on training. Our national study on assessment competency is live and recruiting (n ~ 400 as of today) and we hope to conclude data collection overContinue reading “Projects examining training and competence”

New Paper: a pilot study on training trends in personality assessment

I’m very excited that my work with Drs. Cribbet (Alabama) and Schmidt (Texas Tech) has been accepted for publication in Training and Education in Professional Psychology. In it, we sampled from 16 APA-approved doctoral programs in clinical and counseling psychology (8 each) to pilot our upcoming national study on assessment training and competency. This is the firstContinue reading “New Paper: a pilot study on training trends in personality assessment”

New paper: MMPI-2-RF substantive scales in a national sample of veterans across four settings

I’m exciting that the second paper coming out of the national database of veteran assessment outcomes has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment. In a 7-year national sample, my colleagues and I examined typical score patterns observed across four common service locations within the VA (individual substance abuse treatment, PTSD clinicalContinue reading “New paper: MMPI-2-RF substantive scales in a national sample of veterans across four settings”

New paper: Veteran MMPI-2-RF validity scale performance accepted

I’m excited about a recently accepted publication on the MMPI-2-RF validity scales. This study examined patterns of profile invalidity across a 2 year national sample (n ~ 18,000) and will be published in an upcoming special issue of Psychological Services. It is based on a presentation given at the annual MMPI symposium 2 years ago withContinue reading “New paper: Veteran MMPI-2-RF validity scale performance accepted”

More Fall update: All the other things!

First off, I can’t say enough awesome things about Dr. Joe Currin. We’re lucky to have had him join us at TTU. I (along with Brittney) am doing some really cool collaborations with him: we are developing a behavioral theoretical orientation scale and exploring how orientation and considerations of ‘what supervision is’ plays a role inContinue reading “More Fall update: All the other things!”

Post PTSD conference & Partial Fall update

What a great conference to attend with the lab. Simply put, Strong Star puts on awesome conferences and we had a blast in San Antonio – so many awesome speakers talking about the future of PTSD treatment. As we carpooled down we talked a lot about next steps in the lab, so I wanted to highlightContinue reading “Post PTSD conference & Partial Fall update”