Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) Cognitive Over-reporting Validity Detection

The lab is working extensively to expand the research on over-reporting detection on the PAI for Cognitive symptoms. The most recent paper is part of a new collaboration with the staff at the Hefner VA MIREC in Salisbury, North Carolina, including the fantastic Dr. Robert Shura (as well as other training staff there). It is the latest in the continued collaboration with Dr. Pat Armistead-Jehle. We used a sample of Veterans to explore how well the CBS and CB-SOS scales worked in detecting invalid responding, based on performance on a PVT (Word Memory Test) and a SVT (M-FAST). This paper is in press at The Clinical Neuropsychologist using the following citation:

Shura, R., Ingram, P.B., Miskey, H.M., Martindale, S.L., Rowland, J.A., & Armistead-Jehle, P. (In Press). Validation of the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) Cognitive Bias (CBS) and Cognitive Bias Scale of Scales (CB-SOS) in a Post-Deployment Veteran Sample. The Clinical Neuropsychologist

Following exclusions for non-content responding, we used 371 Veterans assessed in a neuropsychology clinic, pass and fail group differences were significant with moderate effect sizes for all cognitive bias scales between the WMT-classified groups (d = .52 – .55), and large effect sizes between the M-FAST-classified groups (d = 1.27 – 1.45). AUC effect sizes were moderate across the WMT-classified groups (.650 – .676) and large across M-FAST-classified groups (.816 – .854). When specificity was set to .90, sensitivity was higher for M-FAST and the CBS performed the best (sensitivity = .42). Thus, the CBS and CB-SOS scales seem to better detect symptom invalidity than performance invalidity in Veterans using cutoff scores similar to those found in prior studies with non-Veterans.

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I'm an assistant professor of counseling psychology at Texas Tech University and an active researcher of psychological assessment, veterans, and treatment engagement. I am also in private practice here in Lubbock Texas.

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