More Fall update: All the other things!

First off, I can’t say enough awesome things about Dr. Joe Currin. We’re lucky to have had him join us at TTU. I (along with Brittney) am doing some really cool collaborations with him: we are developing a behavioral theoretical orientation scale and exploring how orientation and considerations of ‘what supervision is’ plays a role in predicting supervisee perceived outcomes. We are also working on a multi-site resiliency project that includes a cross-cultural examination of the Integrative Hope Scale (we’re planning to look at invariance across ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender).

Otherwise, here are some quick updates

  • My work with Dr. Shin Ye Kim on health behaviors and stigma (focusing on medical service utilization in a college sample) is preparing to be submitted. In fact, when I finish writing this it’s back to finalize the results so that we can send it off in the next month!
  • Stigma and health research is ongoing! In a project with Patrick Heath, we anticipate submitting a fairly large multi-site proposal to APA examining the relationship of stigma with health behaviors.
  • A paper examining the role of affect in the relationship between stigma and treatment intention is being finalized and should be sent out this week (Also with Patrick).
  • Craig Warlick took lead on a manuscript examining the concurrent validity of a brief International Personality Item Pool instrument and, after some really supportive feedback from reviewers, I’m hoping to see it accepted soon. The IPIP offers such great AND FREE utility for incorporating personality measurement into everyday practice and research.
  • Dr. Brian Cole is leading the PIWIS team (see original parenting scale here or the article validating it here) on a project examining parenting in Latino dads. Not only are we looking at cross-cultural comparisons of parenting practices, but we are also looking at stigma towards parenting services and attitudes that result in decreased training. Data is coming in now and we’re preparing the results section (Thanks go out  to Alyssa Dye for helping to prep this – I think she’s even working away now on the weekend on this!)
  • I have a paper under review validating the IHS in a large sample of Chinese students.


So many more, but that’s enough for now!


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I'm an assistant professor of counseling psychology at Texas Tech University and an active researcher of psychological assessment, veterans, and treatment engagement. I am also in private practice here in Lubbock Texas.

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