Grad School Resources

Applying to graduate school can be super confusing and stressful. I want to try and give some insight into what you can do along the way to maximize your potential for admission into a psychology doctoral program, and how I (and many others) view applications and the process in general. Below I will be posting links to several videos that I (or my students) record talking about the graduate application process.

Faculty Perspective on Fit, Process, and Programs


Graduate Student Perspectives/Tips on Process




I’ve also collected a number of links that may be of help to you as you apply and plan your application.  The first three are great for finding information about what will help you plan your application, the wiki on the other than is a resource to help you identify who is taking students. The Wiki is not exhaustive and not everyone posts on there if they plan to take students, but it is a great resource.

Student Doctor Network Forums for Psychology

Grad Cafe Forums for Psychology

Uncensored guide to graduate admission

Psychology Grad School Wiki for applicants

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